From the owners of successful restaurants like Nirvana and Downtown Dhaba in northern New Jersey, we are proud to present Tabla. The name Tabla derives from the Persian and Arabic word ‘Tabl’, that translates to drum. Tabla is a percussion instrument with a pair of drums predominantly used in the soulful music of South Asia. Not only is it used in qawwali and Sufi music, but it is also a very important instrument in Hinduism and Sikhism.

We believe that flavorful food is just as mesmerizing to the taste buds as the beat of the delightful music to the ears. We started off as ambitious entrepreneurs trying to create something meaningful that provides great value to people. We tried various ventures and faced immense challenges in the process. With great perseverance, we saw major success in our other restaurants, Nirvana and Downtown Dhaba, which was not overnight. Bringing in another culture into a market is never simple. Yet, learning from our customer’s important feedback and implementing relevant changes has allowed us to grow immensely. One thing, however, remained consistent, our dedication to providing good food to the people and create a relaxing experience for the people.

We embarked on this journey with our admiration of good food. Being in love with the rich tradition and culture that is attached to Indian food, we want more people to try the Indian cuisine the way it is meant to be. India is full of diversity which we wish to celebrate in our fine-dining restaurant through our delicious food. We want the diverse community of New Jersey to visit our restaurant and feel a glimpse of India in the best possible setting. Our love for the beautiful Indian culture and its impeccable cuisine has allowed us to bring the flavors from India to the heart of New Jersey.